Wednesday, August 27

JC is my N

Rappin' for Jesus:

Black Label Public Notice on the Berrics!

In honor of the Black Label Public Notice on theBarrics.
This is one of my favorite video parts. The Label has been killing it for years!

Sunday, February 26

The ZBoard Electric Skateboard Promo

The song and dudes in this video make me want to hate, but this board looks pretty fun. I hope is was designed with hills in mind instead of flat california boardwalk. I could see this being useful around schools, small beach towns, and maybe even cruising to work. The price is pretty steep at $500 to $700. Is anyone willing to shell out that kind of cash for this kind of ride? We shall see.

Ramp Skating 1991

I can't believe this footage is over 20 years old and still don't have any new tricks.

Ready for March Madness!

I found this shirt at a newly opened flea market in my area. This goes out to all my UK fan friends. I still love you guys, just not your team.

Tuesday, February 21

Kid Wants His Iron Maiden!

Click Here To Watch The Video

 I want my Iron Maiden too. I still have to cross them of the "to see" list before they quit or Bruce crashes the plane.